Open your mind is born: Euro-Mediterranean campaign of awareness and commitment with refugees

  • Publicado el: Submitted by lourdes on 18 October, 2016 - 16:54
Open your Mind is an initiative created between 7 social organizations of youth sector from Euro-Mediterranean zone. The entities that take part are: Aps Creativi108 y Jump in, in Italy, The Mediterranean Forum for Youth – Morocco, in Morocco, The Lebanese Development Network, in Lebanon, Power no borders, in Egypt, Media Terra Nea Non-Profit Organization, in Greece y Jovesolides, in Spain. The main objective of these entities is to identify new ways of motivating the young persons in the construction of a democratic society based on equality, tolerance, solidarity between the euro-mediterranean peoples.
How is an initiative born?
Our world is defined by the change. We live in increasingly volatile and complex societies. The challenges are more global and interdependent, and we often face to the great question of how we educate for this so ambiguous context and uncertain future. At present we live the the difficulty of finding answers to the forced migration in the Euro-Mediterranean zone. And from Jovesolides we think that it is necessary to answer of community form, as Sophie Magennis, Head of policy and organisational support at the UNHCR Bureau for Europe, defends, “this is a manageable crisis, if the appropriate measures are put in place and if solidarity is brought to bear”.
We think that the new realities and cultural challenges lead to new perspectives  and new ways to face the problems head on. And in this social scene the youth people play an important role.
Next november it will takes place an international meeting in Valencia. This is part of extrategy of exchange and  collective creation of a work method to develop youth audiovisual projects. The objective is break away from the stereotypes  these days about refugees and forced movements. And the final purpose is promote recognition and respect of diversity by means of exchange, the dialogue, and the youth prominence.
Open your mind is a project financed within the  European Union, by the Erasmus + Youth  programme. I you want know every news and activities of this programme, follow us in #Openyourmind.